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This duplex started with Laura's concept design and town planning documentation while she was a director in her previous workplace.

Unfold Architecture was appointed by the client to provide interior design consultation and to assist with queries during construction, providing an opportunity to be part of the full creative story of the project.

The biggest challenge the site presented was a 2.9m difference in height between the street level and the level of the rear boundary.


That meant that the design had to balance accessibility, site setbacks dependant on height above natural ground level and extent of land cuts. 

The town planning submission, while proposing several variations to the standards, was approved in just 3 months, with no Request for Further Information Letter.

In other words, the excellent understanding of the planning regulations translated in a proposal that had a very smooth transition through Council, saving the client time and additional fees.

The floor plan layouts are a logical result of land constraints, solar orientation considerations and principles around functionality and efficiency in the use of space.

Ceiling heights that are much higher than usual (3.6-3.9 metres on the ground floor) bring a feeling of spaciousness, freedom and excitement to the interiors.



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