Our day to day life is influenced not only by the people around us and our own actions, but also by the spaces we inhabit. 

We focus, therefore, on the ability of our work to trigger intended emotions and behaviours.

Aesthetics and functionality are just a part of experiencing architecture.



What makes us find comfort in different parts of our house?

Does the way the morning light enters our bedroom influence our day?

How does enclosure address different personalities?

These are the questions we ask while designing the spaces you spend most of your life in: your homes.

Laura stair light.jpg
Indigo kitchen.jpg

We see industrial developments as a combination of functional requirements regarding storage and parking, but also as the space that influences the productivity and well-being of the people working here.

Our aim is to to contribute to these through the use of natural light, vegetation and colour triggers.

We achieve these in a cost-effective way for developers, so that they are encouraged to continue to implement neuro-architectural principles in the design of their projects.




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