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Feasibility Analysis

Sketch Design and Design Development

Town Planning/ Development Approvals

Construction Documentation

Interior Design 

Project Team Coordination

Tendering Management & Selection of Building Contractors 

Contract Administration



The way we work is slightly different from what you might expect.

First of all, we are very flexible with the way we provide our services. We are happy to offer just the few hours of consultation that will bring additional value to the project or extensive details when you need us to address every corner of the building.

When providing advice and discussing options, we do it from your risk management point of view and not from a sales perspective.

There will be cases when we might recommend someone else for the entire project or parts of it.

We ask many questions because the more we know, the better we can help. The questions that we ask are not about what style or colour you like. 

If you are a home owner, be ready to share with us snippets of what your day looks like, where you spend most of your time and why, if you need to hide children toys from unexpected guests, who does the cooking and how or where you drink your coffee. 

If you are the person creating a home for others, what the industry calls "a developer", be ready to imagine your target market into detail. The better you do that, the better we can address their dreams and expectations.

We know people are different and do not expect our clients to fit in a box. We adapt.

If you lack time, we will communicate efficiently and incorporate neuro-architectural principles without explaining them to you into detail. If you prefer to be more involved, you will be.

If this sounds like what you are looking for or if you are curious to know more, get in touch.

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