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We all have preferences.

When it comes to cinema, some of us enjoy watching romantic movies, other people dramas, action movies or television series, while others might just prefer books.

Architecture is no different.

You develop your preferences and if you think about it more, you will realise that they are not necessarily related to the total area, architectural style or number of linen cupboards. Even the cost of construction might not be the real determining factor in choosing your ideal home, office, space to visit or study in.

What makes you prefer one over the other is how you feel when you inhabit the space. The emotions the space triggers and their alignment with what you are hoping to feel make the real difference. There is so much opportunity missed in buildings that do not have any emotional impact!


Just think about it. You want double glazing because you want to feel protected. The open living space makes you feel that you have flexibility and the power of choice. The study nook with the lovely evening view to the Jacaranda tree relaxes you like no other corner in the house. Your morning coffee on the sunlit verandah opening directly from your bedroom brings both calm and the adrenaline of the creative rush.


Your life revolves around emotions and so do the life and decisions of all the people looking to buy, build, rent a house or office space.

No wonder schools have open days - and how important the way the space flows is in the assurance parents feel when they walk in.


Acknowledging this makes a radical difference in the way design briefs should be done.

You might decide to replace the number of bedrooms, images of buildings you like or total area with a well thought description of the emotions you want the space to trigger.


Architecture should start from this.

So grab a cup of chai, tea or coffee, a pen and a piece of paper and let's imagine…






Laura spent 10 years working as an architect in the residential and mixed use sector both in Europe and Australia, collaborating as editor with architectural magazines and managing two design studios in Melbourne.

In November 2017 she decided to channel the architectural, town planning and management skills developed during this time towards her own practice that encapsulates her strong personal values and creative direction.

Laura is a pragmatic idealist, who believes in the ability of design to inspire people and shape culture and the critical role that efficient, tailored project management has in the delivery of the project.


Unfold Architecture is a discovery journey: of creativity and management skills working well together, of surprising results that fruitful collaboration can achieve, of architecture’s capability to be beneficial both for the developer and the community.

But, above all…

Unfold Architecture is about design that creates emotion.



"It is always a pleasure to work alongside Laura of Unfold Architecture on our projects. Laura is knowledgeable, efficient and has a lovely manner with our building clients. Her architectural style is seamless and I highly recommend her."

Emily Potter | Build Fresh

"Laura has been great to work with, easy to get in touch with and provides a creative and well thought through approach to all her work. It's been a pleasure and I look forward to working with her on the next project."

Brendan Grinberg

“Professional, easy to work with, considerate, are just some of the words I associate my experience when working with Laura on our recent project. She made the whole process a breeze and have kept us informed on any updates every step of the way. We felt that Laura is also very knowledgeable and experienced in her field and that we were in good hands."


“Laura is a talented architect and is equally adept at managing the town planning process, design development and consultant coordination. Laura listens to her clients and understands their needs. Importantly, she has the necessary confidence in her own skills and ability to suggest and explore the unexpected solution. I look forward to collaborating with her on future projects.”

Leo Iazzolino

“I cannot thank Laura enough for the beautiful design of our home.
Her understanding of what we wanted, her efficiency and professional manner was amazing. I would highly recommend Laura as she made the design process stress free and was able to make our vision a reality.”

Yota K

“I have used Unfold Architecture on a couple of projects.

Laura is a fantastic asset to have on the team - she is very quick to grasp the complexities of a project and come up with insights and solutions which are both practical and stylish. She is very attentive, dedicated and extremely professional.

Highly recommended!.”

Gideon F

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