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We believe that an architect can bring value to any stage of the project.

Even when the shell is already defined, even when the location of the different rooms is set and windows dimensioned,  the choices made for the interiors can influence the feel of the space significantly.

For this project, we were appointed for the selection of interior finishes, design of the kitchen and first-floor ensuite /walk-in-robe.

We envisioned a kitchen that is a boost of energy, bringing joy and excitement to any family life.  We achieved this through a strong, yet warm colour contrast between the different parts of the cabinetry. 

The pattern of the stone selected for the benchtop and splashback has the impact of a piece of art, enhanced by the choice of a sculptural pendant.

The challenge with the shared ensuite / walk-in-robe space was making it feel spacious while providing sufficient storage space.

The fact that it is open to the master bedroom, the choice of full height glazed shower panels, large mirrored shaving cabinets and skylight location, all contribute to this feeling.

The earthy chromatic selected creates a relaxed atmosphere, appropriate for the function of the space.

This project became "the unit with the indigo kitchen", a reflection of the role that colours play in relation to our feelings and general wellbeing.




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