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mj townhouses



Our brief for this project was to create a calming, relaxed atmosphere which our client could call home. They wanted to live in spaces that felt open and inspiring.

We selected a natural, earthy colour palette which is enhanced by full height windows in the living areas. The powder-coated metal accents add a contemporary touch to the interiors, while the matte 2pac surfaces bring balance to the predominantly textured composition.


We believe that asymmetry triggers creativity, and carefully incorporate it in most of our designs.


The spaces feel homey yet unique; neutral enough to allow the inhabitants to leave their imprint, whilst subtly guiding and inspiring the potential of each space.

Surfaces of stone and timber envelope some areas in contemporary beauty, while others humbly offer the owner freedom to personalise the space with their favourite art piece, sentimental memento or aromatic flowers.


Builder: Strafford Building Group

Photo: Memento Photography



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