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We believe that a successful design is one that contributes to better moods, outlook and relationships, therefore we focus on the whole experience of architecture over looks only.


Tactile materials are closely linked to our emotions and experiments have shown that being around timber surfaces reduces our heart rate and symptoms of stress.

We therefore chose a warm, natural and subtly textured interior pallete to address the well-being of family members that we imagine living here.


While the different areas of the residences are somehow defined, we intentionally allowed for a high degree of fleixibility, to encourage residents to take control of their environment.

The act of personalisation has been proven to enhance the feeling of pshychological freedom and control over life in general. We want our clients to experience this.


The layout considers the theory of "prospect and refuge" that Jay Appleton initiated in 1975.

Knowing that people feel safer in spaces that allow to see without being seen, we designed the kitchen to be the point of outlook, where the adults would have the comfort of supervising younger children enjoying the open space.


We celebrate the joy of simple gestures: carefully considering storage and joinery design that helps with de-clutter, inserting vertical fins to filter light and trigger curiosity while climbing up and down the stairs, choosing natural colours that do not age easily and allow for easy adaptation of furniture and styling as the family evolves in time.


Developed by: EVE Holdings

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